Welcome to Patterns.cs.tut.fi

Welcome to the home page of the Patterns Research Team in Tampere University of Technology, Finland. Our research spans a broad range of topics from the foundations of patterns to software architecture evaluations.

We have especially focused on patterns of the machine control systems and process automation. On request we can perform architectural evaluations, patterns trainings and presentations.

In the past we have closely collaborated with industry in Sulake and Sulava projects. In these projects we have gathered a pattern language of appr. 80 patterns for machine control systems. The old version of the language can be found here. To access newer versions, please contact us. The pattern language will be published as a book in 2014.

The research group has also organized patterns seminars and VikingPLoP 2012 and 2013. Viksut Vekottimet 2013 conference/seminar will also be organized by the patterns research group.


  • 15.12.2013 Don't forget to submit your paper to VikingPLoP 2014
  • 30.11.2013 Book manuscript ready, expect the book to be published in April 2014
  • 16.09. 2013 We received the first set of the book leaflets
  • 13.-15.9. 2013 Pattern writing weekend @ Moosefabrik
  • 17.-22.8. 2013 Pattern writing week @ Lepohieta
  • 26.5.-1.6. 2013 Pattern writing week
  • 27.03. 2013 Viksut Vekottimet seminar was success with more than 140 partcipants
  • 20.11. 2012 Work-in-progress version of patlets published
  • 16.11-18.11.2012 Pattern writing weekend
  • 13.11. 2012 Viksut Vekottimet 2013 website published
  • 12.10. 2012VikingPLoP 2013 announced
  • 7.-9.9. 2012 Pattern writing weekend @ Moosefabrik
  • 25.-28.5. 2012 Pattern writing gathering @ Moosefabrik. Follow us on Twitter with tag #moosefabrik