People in Patterns research group

WelluVeli-Pekka Eloranta

Veli-Pekka is researcher at TUT. He has worked five years with the software architectures and agile methods. His research focuses on agile architecting practices, agile methods, architecture evaluations, design patterns and pattern languages. He has been an active person in pattern community and served in program committees of several PLoP conferences. In general, he is a passionate researcher and patterns enthusiast.

MarkoMarko Leppänen

Marko is a researcher at the TUT. His professional interests include software project management, agile methodologies, software architectures and patterns. Marko's research focuses on design patterns and pattern languages in control system domain. In addition to research, he is teaching these subjects at the university. Marko has been organizing VikingPLoP conferences and is an active pattern enthusiast.

JomppaJohannes Koskinen

Dr. Johannes Koskinen is a post-doc research fellow at TUT. His research focus on software architecures, web applications, and cloud environments. Johannes is an experienced pattern writer. In addition, he gives lectures to several universities in Finland on software architectures.

Ville Ville Reijonen - Alumnus

Ville Reijonen participated as researcher in the pattern collection effort between 2008 and 2010. Life took him to other city to work in the industry but his interest in the patterns has not faded away. He is still taking interest in the patterns during his free time by writing patterns, participating in various pattern conferences and meetups. As day work he is applying agile methods successfully within the industry.

KaiKai Koskimies (professor)

Kai Koskimies is Professor of Software Engineering at the Department of Software Systems, Tampere University of Technology, Finland since 1999. Before that he has been working as a project manager at Nokia Research Center, and as a professor at the University of Tampere. He heads on-going research projects related to software architectures, with a special focus on patterns, evaluation, and automated design. He has served in the program committees of several frontline software architecture and software engineering conferences.